Valar Aditi Social Finance Private Limited (VASFPL) is a Micro Finance initiative with a development focus. VASFPL is directed at holistic transformation of communities through provision of financial and social inclusion services that improve the standards of living of the excluded people in society, specifically focusing on the underprivileged women.

Valar Aditi Social Finance Private Limited through provides financial inclusion services to the poor through lending, aims at the total development of the client. It focuses on educating and empowering its clients, providing them with holistic support to maintain and expand sustainable business that would enable them to break out of poverty. The social return in the long run is a better society that is economically self reliant.

VISION: The vision is to help establish an equitable and inclusive society where social justice reigns.

MISSION: The Company has a mission to become a preferred financial service provider and thereby reduce poverty and bring about sustainable socio- economic development for marginalized people.

OBJECTIVE: The main objective is to provide financial and social inclusion service to the rural poor with the support of Mutual Benefit Trusts and other forms of developmental organizations which are interested in the overall enhancement of the living standards of rural poor using the Micro-Finance approach.